DW Box #8

What intrigued me? The level of comfort and comradery throughout this large group of people intrigues me. Many of them seem to know each other, feel comfort with each other, or feel friendly towards each other. When they all came together for the talent show that I attended, everybody seemed to act as a group rather than many individuals, and they were very open to express themselves. What surprised me? I was surprised and delighted to see the courage of the people on stage. I am not sure that it means much to my research, but the people involved in the show were very confident, even though they weren’t all professionals. Some of the acts were very talented, while other acts were more fun because of their lack of perfection. I have a lot of respect for the bravery shown by the people involved. What disturbed me? I was not disturbed much during my experience, but I will review my fieldnotes and see if there were any subtle signs of disturbance.

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Fieldsite #1

For my first set of fieldnotes, I went to the NAACP talent show on campus. I drew a picture of the guy who took acts off stage with his hook whenever the audience showed disinterest. I’m not sure of his cultural significance, but I hope to do more research and find out more about the history of the hook.

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Fieldnotes: The Essential Blue Eyed

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Annotated Bib: Microagressions

Sue, D.W., & Rivera, D. (2010, October 5). Racial microaggressions in everyday life [Web log message]. Retrieved from http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/microaggressions-in-everyday-life/201010/racial-microaggressions-in-everyday-life

This article provides a useful explanation of the unconcious biases and prejudices that surround us from day to day. We read that there are three types: microassaults, microinsults, and microinvalidations. I found the information in this article useful because it made me more aware of the subtle offenses that I should avoid while at my fieldsite. I must try not to insult the people around me, even through accidental comments or actions.

This article is intended for the general public. It has plenty of evidence and examples to show common microagressions in everyday life. Though the author provides a professional and valid point, there is still a slightly biased opinion underlying the research. The author is obviously offended by many microagressions, causing the author to seem biased. The publisher has many other respectable articles on the website, psychologytoday.com.

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Group 3: Justice

Justice- respectively representing the entirety of a subculture in a non-biased manner

1. I will keep in mind judgement and an open mind to others opinions

2. I will listen and engage in conversation when appropriate

3. I will understand the history of the sub culture and conduct the appropriate research

4. I will select my informants respectively

Beneficence- Benefiting the subculture and audience with research

1. I will share any financial benefits that may come form our research

2. I will give positive publicity to my organization

3. I will make sure I have permission to use pictures

Respect for persons- Informed consent, meaning that the subject must fully understand and comply with the intentions and all aspects of your research. Allowing them access to all gathered information and giving them the option to support or not support certain details.

1. I will practice informed consent.

2. I will tell purpose of my study and why I am doing it.

3. I will treat everyone equally and courteously in ways that are appropriate to the culture.

4. I will consider how my biases will impact my neighbor.

5. I will be appropriate and prepared.

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Annotated Bibliography: Source 4

Adam, M. (2006). New College Diversity Laws: Banning Racial Exclusion?. Education Digest, 72(3), 31-36. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. <http://jproxy.lib.ecu.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=aph&AN=22970256&site=ehost-live>

(Annotation here)

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Annotated Bibliography: Source 3

Spencer, D. (2007). NAACP Youth and College Division Continues Struggle for Civil Rights. Crisis (15591573), 114(1), 58-59. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. <http://jproxy.lib.ecu.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=aph&AN=24779503&site=ehost-live>

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